The Critical Role of Data Governance in GDPR Compliance

In the previous post, we discussed how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect in May 2018, will impact most if not all higher education institutions in the U.S. Colleges and universities that communicate with European students, faculty and alumni or offer any programs in European Union (EU) countries will have to follow strict GDPR provisions to protect the personal data of those individuals. There are five steps to GDPR compliance:

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What the New EU Data Protection Rules Mean for Higher Education

Backup is one of the most important operations in the IT environment. If data is lost or corrupted due to disaster, security breach, equipment failure or simple human error, backup is the lifeline that keeps your business running.

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Study: Data Analytics ROI in Higher Education Is Painfully Low

Higher education institutions are seeing a mixed bag of results from their IT investments, according to the National Survey of Computing, eLearning and Information Technology. On one hand, more than half of IT leaders surveyed by the Campus Computing Project reported positive results from investments in on-campus teaching and instruction technology.

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Factors to Consider when Implementing a CRM in Higher Education

In the previous post, we discussed why customer relationship management (CRM) is critical for higher education institutions. Just like businesses need to manage customer relationships effectively to stay competitive, colleges and universities need to manage relationships with students, parents and alumni to optimize recruitment, retention and alumni relations strategies.

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Why CRM Is a Must-Have Discipline and Technology in Higher Education

Competition for recruiting and retaining students in higher education has never been more intense. Many students and parents are now evaluating colleges and universities with a consumer’s mentality. Schools are often chosen based on potential ROI, and if enrolled students don’t think a school is meeting expectations, they won’t hesitate to transfer. After graduation, schools are challenged to maintain relationships with alumni and keep them engaged.

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