Getting to Know the Axiom Client Portal & Knowledgebase

August 9, 2023
Alex Emmart

Axiom Elite has become even more accessible to our clients around the globe. Launching in early 2023, the Axiom Elite Client Portal became the new gateway for clients to connect with our Support Team through a ticket-based system. Gone are the days of constant emails back and forth and extended wait times. The updated communication path is intended to streamline guidance through a centralized hub, giving customers the ability to speak with Axiom as needed.  In addition, Clients will get access to a Knowledgebase (KB) appendix, consisting of peer-reviewed documentation and articles amassed over decades; giving clients the power to solve issues rather than relying on Axiom support. The Portal & Knowledgebase act as a two-pronged method for support-based accessibility, giving people the opportunity to triage problems in a variety of ways.

Caitie Garza, from the Alamo Community College District, has been using the Client Portal and Knowledgebase since its inception. She said, "The client portal has made the ticketing process so much more transparent. I can more easily review past ticket notes, see the Status of the ticket at a quick glance, and easily share that information with our customers. It also makes it easier to provide attachments, and to see the overall statistics of the number of tickets I’ve submitted or have open at a given time, and assist with providing those types of stats to my customer and leadership. Additionally, since the client portal is integrated with the Knowledgebase, I can also try to solve my own problems while Support is routing/reviewing my ticket, and easily reference KB numbers in the ticket when I think I may have found information pertinent to the issue at hand." She continued on to reflect that "I have used the Knowledgebase on more than one occasion to solve an issue on my own. I have been very impressed by how easy it is to search for items, and how well tagged the documents are with relevant search words and phrases…I have been able to solve my problem or learn how to accomplish something inside Axiom using the KB alone, which reduced the number of Support tickets I submitted."  

Simplicity is at the forefront of the portal interface, allowing Axiom clients to submit tickets in a variety of ways as well as track the progress and results of previously submitted tickets. In addition to the support ticket and Knowledgebase functionality, Axiom provides a holistic option for product ideas, creating a channel for community gathered suggestions to make both the product and overall experience better for all end users. Garza noted that "The transparency in the ticket routing and status, makes it more clear how quickly support reacts and responds to tickets. Axiom Support has always been incredibly responsive and quick, and the transparency that the client portal has provided makes that more abundantly clear."