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Frequently Asked Questions
What can I expect from the implementation process?

You'll begin your implementation through our onboarding process, where we will collect information about your business logic and determine what data will be integrated between systems. When you're ready, you'll be assigned an Integration Specialist and Project Success Manager, who will work with you and your team to design and build your integration, provide product training, and guide you through the testing phase. Once you and your Team are ready, we'll migrate your integration to production, train you to use our Client Portal, and introduce you to our Support Team.

How tightly integrated with the student database is Axiom Elite?

Axiom Elite calls available APIs and interacts with data at the table level. Integration is very tight in order to implement the desired business logic. This tight integration also ensures that Axiom Elite remains compatible as you upgrade your student information system.

What IT resources are needed to run Axiom Elite ?

Axiom Elite is installed and configured to work within your network. There will be some time (usually a half day maximum) for a database administrator and the network team to ensure connectivity and access for all Axiom Elite users. These IT resources are key for initial installation and setup but become minimal after installation.

How does Axiom Elite work with my school's business logic?

Axiom Elite interacts with the code in your student information system in order to build custom business logic and enforce it on the data. Axiom Elite talks directly in real time to validation tables in your centralized database to verify that data is coded appropriately for successful upload. As codes change, Axiom Elite revalidates in no time.

What makes Axiom Elite different?

Axiom Elite is not plug-and-play software. Each Axiom Elite solution is unique because each school is unique and no two processes are alike. We will create a custom-built solution based upon the Axiom Elite platform to integrate seamlessly with your data sources, business logic and workflows.