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Axiom History

Axiom was originally founded by Software Services of Delaware (SSD), a small company that developed software for non-profit organizations such as nursing homes, small businesses, volunteer fire stations and schools. In 1995, Villanova University approached SSD about a data entry solution for their admissions department. There was a realization of a greater need for this type of business solution, which triggered the development of a software to assist colleges and universities with their business process needs. There was a realization of a greater need for this type of business solution, and in 2001 SSD began to develop a partnership with SCT, which is now known as Ellucian. We became the first and only value-added reseller to have access and run an Ellucian Banner environment in-house.

At the time of its inception, the product was named Easy Admit, but as our product grew in popularity, the demand for development of greater functionality and more features substantially changed the application, and the product name was changed to Axiom. We became Banner experts and over the years, we realized there was a much greater opportunity if we could make the product compatible with any Student Information System. In 2016, Axiom Elite was introduced as a fully bi-directional ETL tool offering full integration to all Ellucian products and we were able to develop partnerships with other companies seeking integration to help sell their products. Establishing strategic partnerships has always benefited our growth and with this added flexibility and function, we've established a strong base of partners and clients who continue to refer us to other colleges and universities.

In 2022, Axiom split from SSD and established itself as an independent company under BND, Inc. Today, Axiom Elite is used by colleges and universities throughout the US and the world. We remain committed to investing in product improvements to meet the ever-changing needs of campuses and our strategic partners.

The Pillars of Axiom

Success comes from our commitment to basic guidelines of how we operate as individuals and as a company:


In all situations, act in the best interests of our clients an prospective customers. Our reputation for integrity is one of our greatest assets.


Through creating an environment where the transfer of knowledge and continuous learning opportunities is the norm, we operate from a point of view that we’re all in this together. Everyone has something to contribute when we support each other.


Treat mistakes as learning opportunities and focus on the following questions: What are our best options to solve the problem? What have we learned that can help keep us from repeating the mistake? How will we integrate that learning into new behaviors, practices or processes?


Look for opportunities to create systems and processes that will support our ability to perform with consistency. Documenting and sharing these connections will improve our overall efficiency, accuracy and ability to deliver on our promises to one another and to our clients.


Learn to think from others' perspectives in order to discover what they need and how to best find a solution that meets those needs while still fulfilling our own. Win/win solutions are always longer lasting and more satisfying, which enables us to maintain fruitful partnerships with our clients. It is much easier to keep a client than to find a new one.


A positive, respectful attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It can be a catalyst for extraordinary results.


Egos and personal agendas must never take precedence over what’s best for the team or the client. Making the best decision for the good of all is paramount.


Our goal is to get things “right” not simply to get things “done.” Accuracy reflects the pride we take in our work, whether it is with our team or with a client.


Know your audience and build a connection in a way that is both effective and beneficial. Use the simplest explanations and confirm an understanding, especially when explaining technical information.

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