Axiom Elite, the data integration hub for
higher education.

Allowing institutions to integrate their data across their campus by connecting their ERP with other third party data sources.
How It Works

Axiom Elite provides two-way communication that enables you to move data back and forth between your centralized database and third-party systems.

Our integrations
Your systems, your process
Designed for your data

Your student information system is supposed to centralize all your data and provide a “single version of the truth.” Trouble is, getting information into the SIS is often a cumbersome, manual process. Axiom eliminates those headaches by automating data management. We can integrate any data source and match and validate data based upon your business logic. It’s simple, fast and accurate.

See How We Customize
Collect student data

Axiom Elite uses a variety of connection types (Database, SFTP, Salesforce API, Flat File, etc.) to extract data from CRMs, Applications, Course Management Systems, Student Information Systems and a variety of other systems.

Individual field matches

By looking at each record at the field level, Axiom Elite has the ability to update specific parts of records that have been edited in other systems. This allows Axiom Elite to adhere to the institution’s business rules.

Upload data to your SIS

Axiom Elite uses a combination of Stored Procedures, and API calls to push translated, clean data to the Student Information System. Axiom uses proprietary functionality to accommodate all institution specific business logic to the data at the upload phase.

Robust user interface

The Interface allows users to perform a variety of tasks, from reconciling possible duplicates, making field changes, or changing business logic and more.

Two-way communication

Axiom Elite allows for a true Bi-Directional process, pulling data from multiple systems allows data to be synced in near real time.

Image system integrations

Axiom Elite has the ability to auto-index images into Document Management Systems such as BDMS, ImageNow, Perceptive, Laserfiche and more.

Reconcile duplicate records

With robust matching algorithms, Axiom Elite is able to search the Student Information System (SIS) for possible duplicate records before inserting the data. This is done in a verification screen where the records are compared by each field and ranked according to duplicate probability.

Secure web-based connection

Axiom Elites Web User Interface is hosted on the institutions network. This allows the institution to control and monitor access to the product.