Creating Accessibility: Empowering Customers to Discover Solutions Through Axiom's Knowledgebase

July 13, 2023

Axiom, a leader in Higher Education data integration, continues to grow and evolve, giving users the tools they need to solve problems and get the most out of the product. Utilizing an ever-expanding Knowledgebase, Axiom clients now have the ability to discover solutions with ease. This resource guide acts as both a self-service hub for finding solutions to common issues as well as providing detailed how-to articles for Axiom admins to build their own integrations.

In an industry such as Higher Education, where time is valuable and data is expected to be relayed in real time, clients need answers fast. The Knowledgebase provides just that: a means of resolving many issues and questions without needing to open a Support ticket. If a Knowledgebase article doesn't solve the issue, customers can create a Support ticket through the Client Portal with just a few clicks from within Axiom Elite itself.

The ultimate goal of the Knowledgebase is to give customers the ability to resolve any issues on their own, with the added benefit of speeding up the turnaround time on Support tickets. Additionally, it frees up vital time for Axiom support and integration staff to focus on customer service, onboarding and more robust implementations. At the heart of it, the Knowledgebase provides clients with an answer to questions that others had previously faced.

The wealth of information stored within the Knowledgebase was amassed over decades, documented by the team of integration experts and support staff who assist customers on a daily basis. These peer reviewed materials have undergone a quality control process in order to convey reliable information with convenience. Their combined archival effort amounts to a virtual 'How To' guide for those individuals looking to deepen their understanding of the product. Ever evolving, the Knowledgebase incorporates new solutions every day, covering a range of topics, that helps both Axiom staff and clients alike. In conjunction with the new client support portal, which launched in early 2023, Axiom is making strides to optimize customer accessibility by putting clients first.