“It’s one system for moving all data into our systems electronically so no one needs to physically touch anything.”

Dale Ganus

Assistant Managing Director of Information Systems, Texas Tech University

“It makes it a lot easier to get things into Banner very quickly, very effectively and catches us from making mistakes.”

Lathrop H. Mosley

Records Analyst, Admission Office Wofford College

“With the Axiom product, in loading this information directly, the offices are able to get this information into the Banner system much faster. They are loading records on a day to day basis rather than a weekly basis.”

Eric Richardson

Associate Director for Business Intelligence Thomas Jefferson University

“Axiom benefited the University of New Hampshire Undergraduate Admissions Office by significantly increasing productivity, and improving the way the office integrates, retains, accesses, shares, analyzes, and processes its critical information.”

Bob Dorval

Information Technologist, University of New Hampshire

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