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Frequently Asked Questions

Axiom is not plug-and-play software. Each Axiom solution is unique because each school is unique and no two processes are alike. We will create a custom-built solution based upon the Axiom platform to integrate seamlessly with your data sources, business logic and workflows.

Axiom interacts with the code in your student information system in order to build custom business logic and enforce it on the data. Axiom talks directly in real time to validation tables in your centralized database to verify that data is coded appropriately for successful upload. As codes change, Axiom revalidates in no time.

Axiom calls available APIs and interacts with data at the table level. Integration is very tight in order to implement the desired business logic. This tight integration also ensures that Axiom remains compatible as you upgrade your student information system.

Axiom can automate the indexing of images (paper documents, electronic data files and Axiom web forms). The data source is processed into Axiom, an image is created, data is loaded into the student information system and the image is auto-indexed to your imaging system. The entire process is complete in less than two minutes.

Once you’re ready, it will take about four to six weeks to integrate Axiom into your existing technology infrastructure. Prior to all installation, we will extract detailed information about your business logic — determining what data will be populated into the student database and how. This logic may be simple or complex, depending upon your school's business needs.

Axiom is installed and configured to work within your network. There will be some time (usually a half day maximum) for a database administrator and the network team to ensure connectivity and access for all Axiom users. These IT resources are key for initial installation and setup but become minimal after installation.

Axiom can share a server with another application or have its own server. The server can be a virtual machine or physical box with IIS installed. A Windows machine is required because Axiom uses .NET Framework and Windows services to collect data and move it to the student information system. The process is seamless with the exception of desired review points.

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