End of Year Message from Axiom

December 5, 2023
Alex Emmart

2023 was a pivotal year for Axiom, as we laid the foundation for continued success and developed new channels of communication and accessibility with our network of clients and partners. Since Axiom split from its parent company, Software Services of Delaware(SSD), in 2022 and established itself as an independently run software solution for higher education customers around the globe, Axiom has worked hard to create a seamless transition for our clients. While the period was not without challenges, Axiom rose to the occasion by listening to product suggestions and providing new experiences and opportunities for those who use the software in their daily workday.

This was a year of milestones, highlighted by the growth of the company as we welcomed new members of staff to the Axiom team. These individuals bring decades of relevant integration development and educational experience to the company and help expedite the onboarding process for new customers. With accessibility as the heart of our mission, Axiom released the Client Portal with accompanying Knowledgebase in January, allowing clients to submit tickets in a way that evaluates the level of urgency for potential problems and triages issues on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, the Axiom Knowledgebase empowers our customers to resolve any potential problems by allowing full access to Axiom documentation and procedures. This has streamlined the Support process and has allowed both customers and Axiom staff alike to resolve problems with efficiency.  

We accomplished two landmark events in 2023; the Axiom Summit in February and Axiom University in October. Both events focused heavily on product training initiatives, creating an open channel of communication with our clients. We featured client presentations, open forum discussions and announced exciting new updates to the Axiom Elite product. One such announcement and heavily discussed topic was the release of Axiom Elite 23.0, which was made available to all clients in early November. This latest version of Axiom Elite focuses on a consistent user experience across the product with improvements to the Dashboard, Record Manager, and User Security. We are very excited for our clients to upgrade to the latest version of the software so they can reap the full benefits of what the Axiom Elite product has to offer.

Looking forward to 2024, Axiom is delighted to announce more user training opportunities in order to help our users to build a deeper understanding and achieve the most from the software. By giving our customers the tools they'll need to troubleshoot any potential issues and help build confidence with daily use, it will create a more holistic experience for all. We'll be attending a variety of events across the country and look forward to meeting everyone in person at our booth. Axiom is looking towards continued growth and sustainability, bringing on new talented team members in order to meet the growing demand from our clients and prospective customers alike. The outlook for Axiom is bright and we are ecstatic that you're a part of this journey.

Happy Holidays!