Eliminating Manual Data Entry + Achieving Increased Enrollment Goals



Wofford is consistently recognized as a leading liberal arts institution based on the strength of its academic programs and faculty. Established in 1854, Wofford offers 53 majors, minors and programs in a vast array of subjects.


The application process at Wofford has always been a 3-part form with some electronic and some paper components. Part 1 is for basic student information, Part 2 is a summary of high school activities and essays, and Part 3 is a request for additional student information and a recommendation from their high school counselor.

Initially, the online portions (Part 1 and Part 2) were received by Admissions, printed out, and manually entered into the overarching Banner Student software. Part 3 was mailed out to guidance counselors to be completed and returned for manual entry as well.

In 2005, Wofford processed 1,871 freshman applications with an average document length of 7-10 pages. Every page required manual entry, data accuracy and duplicate record checks.

Technology Solutions:

At the same time Wofford has a goal of steadily increasing enrollment each year. This would be nearly impossible without automated forms processing and data verification from Axiom.

Axiom captures all parts of the application online, including automated request and reply functions for high school counselors. All data is checked for duplication and accuracy, and with the Admission Department’s approval each application is uploaded into Banner and filed in an e-doc filing system.


In 2008 Wofford processed 2,278 freshman applications. In 2010 that number grew to 2,871 within the same time frame.

Axiom continues to support Wofford in their increased enrollment goals by processing higher volumes of applications from October through February.

Year after year. Accurately. And on time.