Axiom Optimizes Lee University Processing Time for Student Enrollment

July 13, 2023

The Need:

Lee University needed to enhance their enrollment processing time and establish bi-directional communication between their Ellucian Colleague student information system (SIS) and Salesforce/TargetX CRM application. The import method was time consuming and cumbersome, requiring manual entry and constant maintenance correcting data values between the two systems. Since the CRM and SIS didn't communicate with one another, it meant that student records were entered into both systems. Uploads were suspended so students could be registered for classes right away, which resulted in many weeks of additional data entry after registration. Lee University originally implemented a different integration product, but were unable to optimize the institution's workflow. If Lee University was to streamline their business process, they needed to find a better solution to lift the burden of manual data entry time.

The Solution:

Axiom Elite's data integration process gave Lee University the ability to customize and oversee the way that student data is processed between Colleague and Salesforce/TargetX, sending information back and forth between systems, with minimal intervention. Axiom Elite's data validation allows Lee University staff to pinpoint mismatched records, and efficiently flag inconsistent values or data. Axiom Elite's ability to highlight errors allows staff to correct data back at its original source within the CRM and then send the student information back through Axiom Elite's validation system and into the SIS without complication.

The Result:

Lee University is now able to process all of their incoming data with ease, allowing staff to keep uploads running while registering students on the spot. Axiom Elite runs consistently, assuring that records are sent on-demand when queried using the Salesforce API. Manual data entry has been reduced to just 2-3 records per day, which can be fixed and sent to the SIS within minutes. Lee University is no longer hamstrung by mismatched data values between their SIS and CRM systems. With Axiom Elite, Lee University is able to pull fresh data sources based on the established criteria of the institution, allowing for student information to be easily accessed whenever needed. This fully customizable process was designed to meet the unique business needs of the university and compliment their workflow process. Axiom Elite's interface puts the user in control and frees up university resources to focus on what matters most…their students.