Higher Education Isn’t Producing Enough Data Scientists to Go Around


According to a new report form the Business-Higher Education Forum, there is a massive shortage of data scientists to meet the growing demand for analytics in both higher education and corporate America. The study estimates that 2.72 million new job postings in 2020 will target people with analytics and data science skills.

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Study: Higher Education Is Starting to Embrace Collaboration


Collaborative education supported by technology that combines in-class learning with digital tools is one of the top tech trends in higher education, according to New Media Consortium’s annual Horizon Report. Technology is enabling collaboration and learning in ways that students would not be able to otherwise experience.

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How Blockchain Could Affect the College Transcript


The college transcript still plays an important role in the lives of both students and graduates. The official document that shows courses taken and grades earned is used by students who are looking to find a job, planning to transfer, or applying for graduate school. Different schools, organizations and industries weigh the transcript differently, but it’s still an important tool when evaluating a prospective student or job candidate and verifying credentials.

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W-2 Scams Set Their Sights on Higher Education


In February, the IRS issued an urgent alert about a W-2 scam that made its way from corporate America to nonprofits, local school districts and higher education. The latest W-2 scam, a new kind of Business Email Compromise attack, has two phases.

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How Distance Learning Improves Access and Flexibility in Higher Education


Colleges and universities are under constant pressure to meet and maintain enrollment objectives while addressing evolving student demands. More students and parents are taking a consumer approach to higher education. What’s the ROI? Is the school delivering the best possible student experience and academic outcomes? If not, today’s students are more likely to transfer to find what they’re looking for. Also, not every new student is a recent high school graduate. People from all walks of life are going to college, and they need a flexible learning environment that accommodates their family, job and schedule.

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