Axiom is a suite of fully customizable data entry solutions developed specifically for colleges and universities to simplify and humanize the data entry process. Cut process time, improve data accuracy, and eliminate duplicate records within your database...

Axiom for Higher Education

Data entry shouldn't be such a painful process; but at many colleges and universities across the nation that's exactly what it is. From Admissions to Financial Aid Departments and beyond, institutes of higher education are struggling to keep up with paperwork and data loads. Not to mention ensuring accuracy and avoiding duplication of records.

Axiom for Higher Education is Data Entry Made Easy. Really Easy.

"Axiom benefited the University of New Hampshire Undergraduate Admissions Office by significantly increasing productivity, and improving the way the office integrates, retains, accesses, shares, analyzes, and processes its critical information."

--Bob Dorval
Information Technologist
University of New Hampshire